Sunday, 11 January 2009

Diary: 11th January 2009

OSIRIS, a new Windows Front-End for OpenSim
I started work on a new Windows front-end for OpenSim yesterday, called OSIRIS. I came up with this name as I was looking for a word that began with OS (OpenSimulator), and the dictionary only had one word that began with 'os' that really stood out from the rest, 'Osiris'. As the iris is a part of the eye, it looked like a good match for a front-end controller; and as Osiris was the king of the Egyptian Gods as well, I just liked the name right off.

The work is being done in Visual Basic 2005 Express (free), and if anyone with VB2005E would like to collaborate on getting it finished please let me know. The only tabs that have been completed are the ones you see in this work-in-progress screenshot.

More Blue Mars Videos
Virtual Space Entertainment, VSE Inc, was chosen by Avatar Reality, the people behind Blue Mars, to create the first world. The VSE website has some stunning videos on the work they did in Blue Mars, and some great stuff from the Cry Engine that Blue Mars uses. To see these videos, go to the VSE Inc website, click on Explore on the left side, then select Media. The first video will start automatically, so just give it a few seconds to buffer.