Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Blue Mars New Features

The latest Blue Mars client, released for the launch of the open beta phase, includes several new features for the beta testers to get to grips with.

Chat History
In response to beta tester feedback a new chat history window is provided, with avatar names. It appears from the screenshot that maybe bubble chat can be switched off (thank goodness if that is the case), so I cannot wait to take it for a spin when the doors reopen later today (midnight CET).

Menu Tray
A nifty looking menu tray is now provided, with animated icons, and the camera icon can be moved about. There are 4 cam zoom settings: 3rd person, half body view, head and shouders, and 1st person.

Friends List
You can now offer friendship and a new Friends List shows you which friends are currently online. This is just an interim design, and will be improved upon in a later release.

Other features include a Logout button, a Home * button to take you back to the staging area, and bikinis for the girls! What about the guys??

* Intriguingly, the Blue Mars blog states that the staging area now has 5 boards to choose from! Hope that's not a typo. I wonder what the new City is?

Edit: It is Shader City!! There is also a new apartment to take a look at, and something called a 'fur shader'.