Saturday, 19 September 2009

Displaying your Blue Mars Statistics

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If you need to check your current Frames per Second, or which version of DirectX your card is using, or your current location, etc you need to enable your Statistics.

Go to your Blue Mars, Game, Config folder, on most machines this will be at C:\Program Files\Blue Mars\Game\Config, and in there create a blank text file. Inside the text file type the single command:

r_displayinfo = 1

Then rename the text file to system.cfg

Restart your Blue Mars client, and your statistics will be available to you. To inhibit the statistics just rename your system.cfg file to you can always rename it back easily then whenever you need the info again.

So what information is provided?

First Line
CamPos: The current camera position in terms of X, Y and Z (height). If you want the current avatar position then use the camera control to get you into 1st person view first.
Angl=: Gives the orientation in X, Y, Z, of the camera.
ZN: Near Depth of Field Distance.
ZF: Far Depth of Field Distance.

Second Line
This line starts off with the current version of DirectX your graphics card is using, and whether you are operating in 32 bit or 64 bit mode.
HDR: High Dynamic Range lighting is enabled.
FSAA: Full Screen Anti-Aliasing is enabled.
Build: The current build of the Client.
Level: The name of the Level, or City that you are in.

Third Line
Tris: The number of triangles currently being rendered.
DP: The DrawPoints being processed, should be <= 3000.

Fourth Line

FPS: The average Frames per Second (higher the better). The figures in the parentheses after the FPS value is the Min and Max values.

Fifth Line
Mem: Amount of RAM the Blue Mars client is using.
LuaMem: Amount of RAM that running scripts are using.
Dlights: Number of Dynamic Lights currently rendered.