Sunday, 13 December 2009

Diary: 13th December, 2009

Blue Mars News
A new release is expected on the 15th or 16th December, and it promises to introduce a lot more content and a revamp to the UI. Also expected are a release of pricing info, a new website, and updated wiki and FAQ.

The T-shirts and apartments for volunteers, along with a volunteer training guide, are also expected this coming week.

The differences between the Blue Mars City Editor and the Crysis Sandbox has also been added to the Wiki now. The current state of compatibility is as follows:

UDK Tests
The final outcome of the tests were that it was very difficult to introduce real-time content into UDK-developed Virtual Worlds without access to the sourcecode. Consequently, these tests have now been brought to a close.

Avatar to go on General Release this Week

Following the incredible premiere of Avatar at the Odeon, Leicester Square, London on the 10th December, the mega-movie is about to go global this week.

I plan to take in the movie in one of the specially made 3D movie theatres, perhaps the largest 3D movie screen there is, in Dubai next weekend.