Friday, 18 December 2009

More Goodies from Blue Mars

Member MyPage
Today sees the launch of the member MyPage. The link is here.

From this screen you can (some are still to be activated):
  • Change your User account email address.
  • Change your User account password.
  • Buy inworld currency, the BLU.
  • See a list of friends in your Friends List and their online status.
  • Download the latest Blue Mars Client and patches.
In addition, you also get access to your Inventory, that includes
  • An image of the item
  • Its name
  • Category of item
  • Type of Item
  • Description
  • Date of Acquisition
You can also change your Avatar first and last names, how you want them to be displayed, change your avatar face, or reset it completely, change the gender (some clothes may no longer be used, so use with care).

More to be added, keep checking in....