Monday, 15 February 2010

Diary: 15th February 2010


After working all weekend getting my blog template exactly how I wanted it, and really liking the result once I applied it, I then found that virtually every post and article I have written would have to be reformatted for the new template.

This is because all the graphics do not resize themselves to the change in width of the new template, so text now flows around them, and headings, image captions, bulleted lists etc, are now all out of alignment.

The lesson to be learnt from this, is that you can change the 'look' of a template with new colours, new header and background images etc., but if you want to change the dimensions, particularly the width of a template, then be prepared for a lot of re-editing.

I have now reverted to the original template, and I will now wait until the Easter break, when I have more time for editing, before having a go at my new template again.

So, back to normal service. Look out for an imminent exciting new article on Interactive Whiteboards and Virtual Worlds!