Monday, 16 February 2009

Diary: 16th February 2009

OSIRIS Progress Continues
A great deal of progress has been made this last week, and particularly over the last weekend, due to the incredible help afforded to me by one of the regulars from the MSDN Visual Basic forum.

Using VNC he added a lot of code and cleaned up existing code, adding error trapping and a number of other refinements.

As of now the Starting up and closing down of OpenSim are complete, with all redirection to tabbed RichTextBoxes working, in color, all commanding working, and the Server Performance indicators (CPU and RAM % used) also working.

Work will continue this week on the last main phase, the automation of commands.

CopyBot Gone?
I see that from early January the website and irc channels of the Patriotic Nigras, the group behind the attacks on Furries in Second Life, and the perpetrators of the famous flying phalluses attack on Anshe Chung, and the hosts for CopyBot, have all been closed down. Normally sites like these close down one minute only to resurface shortly afterwards on a new domain, but this is more than a month now, so have the Patriotic Nigras been taken down permanently?

Second Inventory Locked out of OpenLife
Since late January OpenLife (OL) restricted access to their own client only (developed by Kirstenlee Cinquetti), so other popular clients, such as the SL viewer, Hippo viewer etc, could no longer be used.

A side effect of this change was that Second Inventory was locked out too, negotiations and discussions are continuing between the Second Inventory and OpenLife people to try to resolve this issue. Full story here.

Blue Mars Avatars Revealed?
Blue Mars promised us 'Believable Avatars', from their 'proprietary next-generation character animation technology and advanced behavior system, to provide a truly immersive experience'.

So the first pics of their avatars have been widely anticipated. Perhaps that wait is over. A new section on the Avatar Reality website have some screenshots of avatars.

What do you think?