Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Diary: 3rd February 2009

Work on OSIRIS Continues
I have not posted in a while due to the work on OSIRIS. Unfortunately no-one offered to help in this project, so I am having to go it alone. The progress so far is:
  • All the Servers are now embedded into the tabs, as per the work-in-progress screenshot in the previous Diary entry.
  • The Statistics (CPU and RAM usage) are now completed.
  • Selection of the working folder (the location of the bin folder) is complete.
I am currently working on sizing and positioning of the embedded servers, auto-detection of prompt, and hiding the servers until fixed into position.

OpenSim is 2 Years Old!

OpenSim celebrated its 2nd birthday on the 29th January, and it was marked with a number of functions and events in the OSGrid over the weekend.

A good time was had by all :)

Here are two videos posted by Nebadon:

Video #1 from SCHWARZE WELT ("watch in HD")

Video #2 from Port Edward

For news about the events in the OSGrid news.