Thursday, 23 April 2009

FreeRealms and Sparkle IM

FreeRealms is a new family-friendly Virtual World, being developed by Sony. It will be free to download and play, and is currently in beta test.

FreeRealms offer exploration, combat, building, housing, pet-raising, mini-games and social interaction to appeal to as wide a variety of users as possible.

How FreeRealms and Sony's Home on the PS3 are related, if at all, is still unclear.

Demo video here.

Sparkle IM

You can now use your iPhone or iPod Touch to stay in touch with either Second Life or any of the OpenSim grids.

Genkii have launched Sparkle IM, an application for the iPhone/iPod that allows you to send and receive IMs, online or offline, chat, send tp requests, and accept Friends requests. Further details and a video on the Genkii website.