Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More Blue Mars Info

Jim Sink of Avatar-Reality has kindly clarified a few more questions:

1. Who will be able to upload content into Blue Mars?
a) The City developer?
b) The tenant of the city developer, who has a store and wants to stock it?
c) The tenant of the city developer, who has rented a home in Blue Mars and wants to upload a few pieces of furniture that they have made?

JS: A. Yes. B. Yes. C. Yes, eventually (we're still working on this part.)

2. Will non-human avatars be supported?

JS: Not natively by Avatar Reality. However, City Developers can create any type of avatar they choose. For now, the universal avatar that can move from city to city needs to be based on the default rig and model.

3. I have had a few enquiries from people who are already running various flavours of Crysis, and have the SandBox 2, and the CryMod SDK, and are comfortable creating with those tools. What benefit, if any, would there be to those people to apply for and download the Blue Mars SDK?

JS: The Sandbox is a great start. We've added new features to the sandbox including camera control and multiplayer functionality for games. Also, the SDK environment includes import tools for Max and Maya along with additional documentation.

4. Does the decision on whether to allow teleporting or flying rest finally with the city developer?

JS: Our default control scheme doesn't support flying at this time. For now, that functionality will need to be managed by the city developer. We haven't settled on a specific transportation policy. I can say that we are commited to working with developers on policies that meet their needs.

Thanks very much Jim.

JS: My pleasure.