Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Ten Best Male and Female Avatars

As the ability to import avatars into Blue Mars is looking fairly certain now, I thought now might be a good time to start looking around for cool male and female avatars that are currently available.

Of course you can create your own avatars, using free software such as Daz Studio, but for those, like me, who do not have the skill to create great-looking avatars, I have chosen 10 of the best from the Daz 3D Store, including a few fantasy figures. There are a number of other stores to choose from, such as Renderosity and Content Paradise, so choice should not be a problem.

So here are my Top Ten of each. Hope you like them :)

(All images are linked directly from the Daz 3D Stores and are the copyright of their respective owners)

Male Avatars

#10 Prince Albane for M4 H4

#09 Elf Dancaire for M4 H4

#08 Derek for M4

#04 Caleb for M4

#03 Alexander for M4 H4

Female Avatars

#10 Fairylicious for V4

 #09 Seduction V4

#08 Sparkel for V4

#07 Ynes for V4

#06 Alexa for V4

#05 Kunoichi for V4

#04 Julie V4

#03 Angel for V4

#02 RM Angelica for V4

#01 Vanessa for V4



JeanRicard Broek said...

Make sure you read closely the licenses for these avatars. The daz license appears to prohibit use on Second Life/Open Sim/RealXtend or Blue Mars type Servers, but it is not all that clear.

What can I use DAZ products for legally?

Please refer to the End User License Agreement (EULA) distributed with each product for complete details. The following is a list of the overall rights and restrictions you agree to by installing one of the products sold on our website (this information may vary per product, any such variance will be placed for the public on the product page of the relative product):

You may:
Create still images, animations, or any other rendered output in any format for any purpose. Once you've created an image or animation, you may use it however you like. This means you can sell, give away, use in projects at work, use in greeting cards, use in personal or client websites, use in illustrations, advertisements, use to create tangible replicas, etc..

You may not:
Distribute any part or portion of the data (or "files") that you receive from DAZ as part of your purchase. You may not sell, nor give away, nor modify and then redistribute any portion of the files whatsoever. You may not use a DAZ product to create any item that competes with said product.

& from:

"Specifically, you (the User) may copy the 3-D Model(s) onto the storage device of an unlimited number of computers; provided that all such computers are physically located at your business, or if you are a residence, your place of residence located at a single specific street address (or its equivalent).

You may (i) access, use, copy and modify the 3-D Models stored on such computers at such single location in the creation and presentation of animations and renderings which may require runtime access to the 3-D Model(s), and (ii) incorporate two dimensional images (including two dimensional images that simulate motion of three dimensional objects) derived from the 3-D Model(s) in other works and publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense such combined works; provided that you may not in any case: (a) separately publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense any 3-D Model(s) or any part thereof; or (b) publish, market, distribute, transfer, sell or sublicense renderings, animations, software applications, data or any other product from which any original 3-D Model(s), or any part thereof, or any substantially similar version of the original 3-D Model(s) can be separately exported, extracted, or de-compiled into any re-distributable form or format."

If you have contacted Daz and Renderosity and have written clarification on this I would appreciate hearing the result

Simon said...

Thanks Rock for the post, Fairylicious looks brilliant, realistic yet fantasy. Always enjoy nice virtual eye candy :)

Question though - these all look extremely high resolution and I'm curious about the polygon count/size, isn't it going to be a practical issue when you're in a group situation with 10s of avatars?

Rock said...

Good point about the licenses. Some of my favourite avatars may not be available for use in Blue Mars, so indeed, do check the license. The purpose of the piece was simply to get people interested in checking what great avatars are currently available, and to check out the various 3D character stores.

Avatar Reality have not yet announced what specification they require for avatars being imported into Blue Mars, but I would imagine they would need some optimising, a partiuicular format, and there may be a height restriction (so animations will work correctly). I think it is likely, once Blue Mars is released, that avatar creators will start producing models meeting the Blue Mars specs.

Ravishal Bentham said...

Although a little dated I was always fond of the Cate Archer Avatar from No One Lives Forever 2.