Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Ten Best Male and Female Avatars

As the ability to import avatars into Blue Mars is looking fairly certain now, I thought now might be a good time to start looking around for cool male and female avatars that are currently available.

Of course you can create your own avatars, using free software such as Daz Studio, but for those, like me, who do not have the skill to create great-looking avatars, I have chosen 10 of the best from the Daz 3D Store, including a few fantasy figures. There are a number of other stores to choose from, such as Renderosity and Content Paradise, so choice should not be a problem.

So here are my Top Ten of each. Hope you like them :)

(All images are linked directly from the Daz 3D Stores and are the copyright of their respective owners)

Male Avatars

#10 Prince Albane for M4 H4

#09 Elf Dancaire for M4 H4

#08 Derek for M4

#04 Caleb for M4

#03 Alexander for M4 H4

Female Avatars

#10 Fairylicious for V4

 #09 Seduction V4

#08 Sparkel for V4

#07 Ynes for V4

#06 Alexa for V4

#05 Kunoichi for V4

#04 Julie V4

#03 Angel for V4

#02 RM Angelica for V4

#01 Vanessa for V4