Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Legend City Online: Another one bites the dust

Graphic the property of Liqueur, all rights reserved

For those of you who are not too familiar with Legend City Online (LCO) here is a potted history of their rather chequered existance.

Legend City Online was announced to the world on the 26th October 2008, and was created out of Central Grid, an Opensim-based virtual world. The team at that time was the proprietor Lala Xevious (aka Lala Legend), Asri Falcone, Sam Portocarrero, Aleister Holt, Melanie Miland (RL name Melanie Thielker, one of the core devs at Opensim, former CEO of Xumeo, a German continent/grid that was accessible by teleport from LCO, and current CEO of 3dHosting), Haplo Voss, Khalied Jameson (aka DocWes, see Trouble at Mill below), and others.

LCO had taken over Central Grid some 4 weeks previously, and pretty quickly established a hypergrid link to a German continent/grid called Xumeo, owned at that time by the aforementioned Melanie Miland/Thielker. Avatars could teleport between these two interconnected grids, and take their inventory with them. There was an initial small rush of sign-ups, especially when they announced that the regions they had for sale had more prims than Second Life, and was a lot cheaper. However, clouds were gathering.

Trouble At Mill
On the 16th November 2008 a very prophetic article was written by Prad Prathivi at metaversallyspeaking entitled, Why LCO is doomed to fail. Prad made the following observations:

The thing is, people don’t like change. Second Life has the market share and LCO is basically the “StarOffice” here. Yes, LCO offers you more prims on sims, a much lower tier and has avatars already made up. Yes it emphasises protection for designers, and it has cross platform connectivity with Second Life to transfer created content over.

But at the end of the day, it looks and feels exactly like Second Life. And the vast majority of SL users will see little appeal in moving over to this new grid. What would the point be when all their inventory is on SL? Additionally, there’s the lack of trust.. who is Legend City Online? Who is it owned by and what do we know about them? Their website is awfully basic, which doesn’t paint the greatest corporate image.. how do we know that it won’t be a “Here today, gone tomorrow” case? Despite all the flaws with Linden Lab, we’re pretty certain that they’re not going to be disappearing any time soon.