Monday, 1 February 2010

Diary: 1st February 2010

Blue Mars Introduces the Script Center
On the 29th January Blue Mars introduced the Script Center.

The Center includes (so far):
  • Introductory Concepts: such as basic script example, Flash Huds, and Action Maps
  • Complete Scripts: A Free camera example is provided
  • Code Snippets: Lots of useful snippets here to solve common problems
Developers and staff can now start adding their script solutions and build this into a really great resource.

Just Ignore and Let This one Die
Last week the the most incredible thread in the history of forum threads passed an unbelievable milestone. The eponymous and self-defeating thread, entitled 'Just Ignore and Let This one Die', passed the 100,000 posts mark in the Second Life Resident Answers forum. This thread covered every known aspect of Second Life, Real Life, Nostalgic Life, and every other type of Life imaginable.

The honour of the 100,000th post went to Gabriele Graves, with the inspiring "Lol, almost!" contribution. Our hearts should really go out to Maureen Boccaccio who thought she had it, and posted a nice graphic proclaiming the same, but was 1 early at the 99,999th position.

This thread has been viewed 911,239 times up to today, so there is another milestone coming with the 1,000,000th view. There should be a prize for that!

It has been pointed out by Maureen Boccaccio in the Comments to this Diary entry, that due to some posts in the thread being deleted the person that is currently at the 100,000th position was NOT the first to get there. That honour goes to Brann Georgia, and here is a screenshot capturing the event.

Avatars Disunited
Following the news earlier last week that Linden Labs had acquired the Facebook for Avatars, Avatars United, we were saddened to learn that within 24 hours of the announcement of the acquisition the new service began to break, with lost accounts, and people receiving emails intended for someone else. Didn't take The Lab long to break it, did it? :)

Sun withdraws Support from Project Wonderland
On January 27, 2010, Oracle announced that it had finalized its acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Two days later the first casualty of this acquisition was revealed with news emerging that development resources are no longer being applied to Project Wonderland.  A core group of the Wonderland team have vowed to keep the project going, but I am getting my black suit pressed, just in case.