Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Latest Blue Mars Updates

Software Development Kit
The Blue Mars SDK has been updated,

Developer Blue Mars Client
  • Places Browser features have been brought up to date to synchronize with the current release of the non-developer Blue Mars client.
  • Several changes and additions to the UI, avatar name display, and preferences are in place. These changes may be integrated into the non-developer Blue Mars client in a future update.
  • Stability fixes.
All Editors
  • Bottom toolbar layout has been fixed for 32bit version of Windows 7. Other versions of Windows (including the 64bit version of Windows 7) were unaffected by this bug so you would not notice any changes.
  • "Check Item/Cloth/City/etc in Blue Mars" menu item will now launch Blue Mars in a private mode. You will not be able to see other people logged into Blue Mars, nor will others be able to see you.
  • now use an improved compression method for reduced file size, to deal with the new 512KB upload size limit.
  • Fixed a lighting bug which caused indoor light (Alt + 4) to survive the "File -> New" command
  • Various bug and stability fixes
Furniture Editor
  • Removed the geom path string from ARChair entity, in order to allow uploading of furniture items
Cloth Editor
  • Now allows you to fill in the "input.dae" field on loading of existing cloth, even if the
    input.dae file does not exist. This makes it easier to load, test and modify existing
    cloth items. Also, set the "Step-by-step" flag to true, for the same purpose - less
    clicks to attach and test existing cloth.
  • Cloth Editor can now correctly recognize pre-made non-cloth items, such as shoes.
City Editor
  • When creating a new city, you now have the option of creating a city from a template, as opposed to creating one completely from scratch. Please see the Wiki for details about this feature.
  • Lua scripts now run inside a sandbox environment for security. This may have an effect on your current scripts. The complete description of the new restrictions in place can be found in the Wiki. Please contact us if you were relying on any of the removed functionality, so that we can come up with a way to make the feature available to you in a safe manner.
City Developer Sample Data
  • The number of errors and warning messages in the sample data has been reduced. Our plan is to bring the startup errors/warnings to zero, and keep it that way in the future.
The levels included in the Sample Data are:
  • Beach City
  • Small Islands
  • Taki (waterfall island)
  • Golf Course 1
  • Golf
  • Preview (the old welcome area)
  • Welcome Area (the new welcome area)
  • Face Customisation
  • Viewer (not sure about this, looks more like an item editor)

    Blue Mars Client Update (0.0.6999)
    A new update has been released for the Blue Mars Client, giving access to two new cities:

    Digital DNA

      Dragon City

          and the following bug fixes:

          • 'NoTexture' in the edge of the Welcome Area is fixed.
          • City installer recovers better from crashes and other unexpected terminations.
          • Blank screen when trying to log back in after a crash has been fixed.
          • Build information in the window title bar now says "client build" instead of "player build"
          • Various stability fixes, particularly with the Flash UI overlay
          More updates to the SDK and the Client software are forthcoming, so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.